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Choral Сonducting Department

Choral Conducting Department has been exsisting since opening higher educational musical establishment in Donetsk. The Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine V.A. Vakulovich, the Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine A.F. Ushkarev, V.L. Baharev, P.G. Dobrovolsky, L.S. Lykova, V.G. Popov, Y.A. Filatov, A.S. Shadursky; later D.S. Glushko, P.D. Gorohov, L.M. Krasyuk, N.V. Okushko, L.S. Streltsova formed the teaching staff at first .

Positive pedagogical and research methodological experience of Conservatoires of Ukraine, Russia and other states was constantly used by the lecturers of the Department to improve their scientific potentiality. Therefore, P.D. Gorohov, (1974), V.L. Baharev (1975), L.S. Lykova and N.V. Okushko (1990) defended their Ph.D. theses. P.G. Dobrovolsky, L.M. Krasyuk, A.S.Shadursky and others often made reports at the scientific conferences. A manual “Choral Arrangement” for musical educational establishments (1972) was published by the Professor P.D. Gorohov in co-authorship with the professor D.S. Zagretsky, the Professor V.L. Baharev published a brochure “Optional Class of Choral Singing as One of the Forms of Aesthetic Education for Students” (1975), the Associate Professor L.S. Lykova published methodological guidelines “Arrangement of a Folk Song as Educational Means for Choral Conducting Class (1991), the Associate Professor L.N. Krasyuk composed methodological guidelines “Work with L. Dychko’products in Choral Conducting Class” (1991), methodological guidelines for the development of inter-subject links in choirmaster integrated training (1991) was created by the Associate Professor P.G. Dobrovolsky. Some research methodological works were published in co-authorship, such as “M.M. Tarakanov. To the Topic of the Methods of Work with Opera Choir” (1994), co-authors: the Professor V.L. Baharev and the Associate professor A.S. Shadursky, “Psychological Opera in Foreign and Domestic Culture” (1989), co-authors the Professor V.L. Baharev and the Associate professor N.V. Okushko. A plenty of curriculums on methods of teaching special (job-related) disciplines prepared by the lecturers of the Department were published by the State Methodological Center of culture and arts educational establishments of Ukraine (the authors: the Professor V.L. Baharev, the Associate professor P.G. Dobrovolsky, L.S. Lykova, O.S. Shadursky, A.N. Murzayeva, A.V. Syrash). Numerous articles on the issues of history, theory and practice of choral art were published in periodical press.

Significant achievements of the Department members became the ground for awarding them honorable and academic titles. Over a time teaching and accompanist staff has changed considerably and at present it is the following: the Chief of the Department is the Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, the Bachelor of Pedagogical Science, the Academician of Petrovsky Academy of Science and Arts (St. Petersburg, Russia), the Professor V.L. Baharev; the People’s Artist of Ukraine, the Professor L.S. Streltsova; the Bachelor of Art History, the Associate Professor L.S. Lykova; the Professor P.G. Dobrovolsky; a laureate of All-Ukrainian contest of choral conductors, the Associate Professor A.N. Murzayeva; the Honoured Artist of Ukraine S.Y. Polischuk, a senior teacher Y.V. Volovchuk.

The best graduates of Donetsk State Musical Academy, namely L.M. Zarya, O.A. Belaya, A.V. Ivanchenko, A.A. Pavlova, T.V. Taran, S.I. Krivonos,

L.A. Stetskaya became the Department’s concertmasters.

During the time of the Department’s existence our teaching staff has trained more than 500 specialists, who successfully work in theatres, concert institutions, music educational establishments of Ukraine and abroad. Among them are the chief choirmaster of Donetsk National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after A. Solovyanenko, the People’s Artist of Ukraine, the Professor L.S. Streltsova (the Professor Baharev’s course); the chief choirmaster of Dnepropetrovsk Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine V. Puchkov (the Professor Baharev’s course); the chief director-choirmaster of national honoured academic Ukrainian choir named after G.G. Veryovka, the People’s Artist of Ukraine, a laureate of the second All-Ukrainian contest of choral conductors Z.M. Korinets (the Professor Streltsova’s course); the Honoured Art Worker of Russia I. Trunov (V.G.Popov’s course); the Bachelor of Pedagogical Science, the Associate Professor of Slavyansk Pedagogical University S. Smirensky (the Professor Gorohov’s course); the Associate Professor of Nikolayev branch of Kiev NUKIM A. Levchenko; the Bachelor of Pedagogical Science V.V. Demidenko (the Associate Professor O.S.Shadursky’s course); the Associate Professor A.A. Balaban; the Honoured Culture Workers of Ukraine G.N. Mazin, (the Professor Baharev’s course); I.A. Papush (Y.A.Filatov’s course); V.A. Sergeyev and O.Z. Gorskaya (Y.A.Filatov’s course); L.V. Arkhimadritova (the Associate Professor V.A.Vakulovych’s course); the Honoured Culture Workers of Russia O. Nekrasova and O. Mihailenko (the Associate Professor Shadursky’s course); a laureate of All-Ukrainian contest of choral conductors, the Associate Professor A.N. Murzayeva (the Professor Baharev’s course).

The students’ choir as a laboratory of training choral conductors at the Department is a winner of the republican competitions and S. Prokofiev’s prize laureate. From 1990 to 1993 it was headed by the Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine, the Professor P.D. Gorohov. Many concert programs consisting of the works of classical composers and modern authors were performed under his leadership. The music of cantata-oratorio genre took an important place in them. Such works as oratorio “The Seasons” by J. Haydn, cantata “Alexander Nevsky” and oratorio ‘Ivan The Terrible” by S.S. Prokofiev, “Pathetic oratorio” by G. Sviridov, cantata “John of Damascus” by S.Taneyev, “A German Requiem” by J.Brahms, Verdi’s and Mozart’s requiems and other works were performed by the choir with symphonic orchestras of Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov philharmonic societies. The choir under the leadership of the Professor P.D.Gorohov showed a high level of mastery culture visiting Kiev, Odessa, Mariupol, Vladilir (Russia), Kerch, Simferopol, Chernigov, Lvov and other cities of Ukraine with their concerts.

The Honoured Art Worker, the Professor V.L.Baharev became a head of the choir in 1993. The best mastery qualities of the choir were preserved and its rich concert activity was continued. It became especially active in 1997-2000. During this period the students’ choir together with symphonic and chamber orchestras performed a number of interesting large-scale works as for requiem by L. Kerubini, cantata “Spring” by M.Skorik, mass G major scale by F.Shubert, “Gloria” by A. Vivaldi, cantata “Carmina Burana” by C. Orff, cantata “Christmas solfeggio” by M. Shukh, “Mass in B minor” by J. Bach, “Evening Music” by V. Hodosh. P. Chesnokov’s choral cycle “During the days of Battle” was performed without accompaniment. The works of Donetsk modern talented composers A. Nekrasov, A. Skripnik, V. Stetsenko, O. Rudyansky, S. Mamonov were regularly included into the repertoire of the choir.

Since 2000 the choir has been headed by a laureate of All-Ukrainian contest of choral conductors, the Associate Professor Alime Murzayeva.



The leading concertmasters of the Department Lyubov Stetskaya, Irina Zayarnaya and Svetlana Krivonos were the concertmasters of the choral class at different period of time. The chief concertmaster Lyubov Zarya has been working with the choir since 2010 till nowadays.

The choir of the Academy is not only a concert team but a creative laboratory for young choirmasters as well. The repertoire of the choir encompasses the works of the composers belonging to various national schools. Young singers perform music of various choral styles and trends. These are large-scale works by J. Bach, W. Mozart, L. Beethoven, F. Shubert, C. Orff, F. Poulenc, and the miniatures of K. Stetsenko, M. Leontovich, S. Rachmaninoff, D. Bortnyansky, P. Chesnokov, M. Berezovsky, G. Sviridov, A. Shnitke, A. Grechaninov, J. Brahms, V. Lysenko, and the arrangements of folk songs as well.

At concerts the chamber choir actively promotes the modern Ukrainian music composed by L. Dychko, V. Stepukro, V. Stetsenko, A. Skripnik, A. Rudyansky, E. Petrichenko, R. Kachalov, D. Milka, A. Nekrasov, M. Skorik,

E. Chistaya, V. Zubitsky, E. Stankovich.

The choir of Donetsk State Musical Academy takes part in diploma theatre performances produced by the graduating students of the Academy, namely W. Mozart “The Magic Flute” (2011), S. Guno “Faust” (2013”, A. Rudyansky “The Road of Taras” (2014).

The choir of the Academy carries out an active work, performing at different stages of Kiev, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk, Mariupol, Poltava and Chernigov.

From 2004 to 2014 Five International Bach academies were held at the base of S.Prokofiev State Music Academy, where the artists of the choir had an opportunity to take over an experience of German professors. A successful performance ( due to the opinion of mass media and music critics) of “St. John Passion” (2004), cantatas № 21, 140 (2006), №117, №179 (2010 ), № 10, 147 (2013 ), mass G-dur BWV 239 (2010 ), «Magnifikat» BWV 248 (2013) as well as Bach’s “Christmas Oratorio” BWV 248 (2011) and motet “Ich hatte viel bekumernis” by Brahms has become the result of such complex collaboration in the concert halls of Lugansk, Mariupol, Artyomovsk and Donetsk.

         The chamber choir of Donetsk State Musical Academy is a laureate of Prokofiev prize, a laureate of the Second International Muravsky Choral Contest (2011), a participant of musical forums:

  • “Singing Cathedral” – Donetsk, Kiev, Svyatogorsk (2003, 2004);
  • “All-Ukrainian Festival of Religious Chant” – Dnepropetrovsk (2005, 2007, 2011);
  • The IXth Choir- Fest “Golden -domed Kiev” (2005);
  • “Christ is risen” - Zaporozhye (2007, 2009);
  • “April church bells” - Makeyevka (2007, 2009, 2011, 2012);
  • “Choir Assembly” – Melitopol (2012);
  • “God-given talent” – Donetsk (2011, 2012);
  • “Young Composers of Donetsk region to S.S.Prokofiev” – Donetsk, Zaporozhye (2011, 2012).
  • «Donbas modern music Art-2013» ­ Донецк (2013).


The student choir of the correspondence department performs successfully as well. The Associate Professor A.S. Shadursky   was the head of it from 1968 till 1993, from 1993 to 1994 it was headed by the Associate P rofessor N.V. Okushko. The Professor P.G. Dobrovolsky has been at the head of it since 1994 till now.

Women’s vocal ensemble “Dream”, directed by the Professor P.G. Dobrovolsky, is one more concert unit of Choral Conducting Department. The vocal ensemble, a laureate of the International Festival and All-Ukrainian choral contests, was organized in 1985 on a voluntary base. It is a permanent participant of the Polish culture festivals of Poles’ society in Donbass region. In August 2004 it got a Grand Prize at the XIIIth International Festival of M. Konopnitskaya’s poetry in Przedb?rz, Poland. In November 2007 it was awarded with the Diploma of the First Degree at the First All-Ukrainian choral contest named after B. Lyatoshinsky. In April 2010 it became the second-degree laureate at the VIth All-Ukrainian choral contest named after N. Leontovich.

Thus, the activity of Choral Conducting Department is entirely directed to make choral singing art more popular and promote a positive image forming of S.S. Prokofiev Donetsk State Musical Academy in Donbass region and beyond its borders.