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     The collection of scientific articles “Muzikalnoye iskusstvo [Musical art]” is an assignee of the collection of scientific articles “Muzichne Mystetstvo [Musical art]” which from 2003 up to 2015 was included into “The list of specialized scientific editions of Ukraine in which the results of dissertations for Candidate and Doctoral degrees  could be published” (Higher Attestation Commission) in accordance with specialities “Musical art”, “Art theory and history”, “Culturology”, “Musical pedagogics”.

          The edition has existed since 1998. Its founder is S.S. Prokofyev Donetsk State music academy.  The edition publishes  papers illuminating theoretical, historical, aesthetic-culturological, performing and methodologico-pedagogical aspects of  world musical art development. Thanks to scientific articles publication in the collection “Muzikalnoye iskusstvo [Musical art]” by young researchers in the sphere of art criticism, more than 30 Candidate and Doctoral dissertations have been defended of late.

          The Editorial Board  of the scientific articles collection “Muzikalnoye iskusstvo [Musical art]” includes  leading specialists in the sphere of art criticism, historical and philosophical sciences. Koloney Valentin Alexeyevich, Candidate of  Art criticism (PhD), deputy Rector of S.S. Prokofyev Donetsk State music academy is the editor-in- chief of the e3dition.



The article format is in Word editor  (type being Times New Roman, type size – 14 and interlinear spacing being 1.5; Page parameters are: A4 page, Margins: upper, left, right and lower margin shall be 2.5 cm; paragraph indentation shall be 1.25 cm), no pagination is allowed. Notes shall be given as foot-notes.

          On the right initials and surname shall be placed (in half-boldface italics), The TITLE OF THE ARTICLE should be placed in the middle of the line (IN CAPITAL LETTERS, half-boldface).

          References to the used sources list inside the text shall be placed in square brackets [1, c.1], numbering being throughout.

The article shall be  supplied with:

  • UDC (universal decimal classification code, located without indentation, alignment being according to the left-hand edge);
  • Abstract containing 120-250 words in 3 languages – Russian, Ukrainian and English (paragraph 1 shall include the subject of investigation, minimum 65 words; paragraph 2 shall include methods or methodology of the investigation with 15 words at least; paragraph 3 shall include scientific novelty and conclusions with 40 words at least);
  • Key words in three languages – Russian, Ukrainian and English (from 5 to 10);
  • List of references shall be placed at the end of the article in the alphabetical order according to GOST P 7.1-2003 in Russian, and Latinized transliteration (References), which shall give all titles of the Russian language list of References. Besides, All the names of articles (books, proceedings) shall be given in square brackets in English.
  • Examples with musical notation and figures shall be placed within the text in the section APPENDICES after the list of references. They shall be attached as individual files in e-shape *.tif, *.jpg (with 600 dpi). Musical notation example shall be provided with the information located in the following order: on the left – throughout numbering (example # 1 etc.), on the right – author’s name and initials, name of the work, its parts etc. Accompanying information shall be given in MS Word, type size being 12.
  • Information about the author shall be given in three languages: Surname, First name, patronymic (in full), scientific degree, academic rank (if available), place of job, country, city, e-mail.
  • Letter Ё shall be printed.

General extent of the article shall be 0.5-1.0 printer’s sheet (20 to 40 thousand signs, spaces and list of references being considered); the quantity of musical notation examples, illustrations, diagrams, appendices, footnotes shall not exceed 10.



          All the articles prior to publication are subject to reviewing and approval on the part of Editorial Board members.

          The Editorial Board shall be entitled to select materials to be included in the given proceedings.

          The materials shall be sent by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with a note “For the collection of articles” being provided.